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Safety training courses when facilitated correctly and with an enthusiastic instructor (enthusiastic in preparation and organization……….not jumping up and down like an over-dramatic motivational speaker) can have a huge positive motivating effect on the employee. After a decade and thousands of employees and managers that I have trained all over this country, I have learned a couple of lessons, also. keep reading


Forklift Operator Carrying TimberCan your forklift operators answer the following questions on demand?

What is the maximum load capacity of their forklift?

What is the best method of determining whether their forklift is capable of picking up a load?

What does the load on their forklift actually weigh?

When do they not have the full capacity of their forklift to use in lifting a load?

Is a forklift more stable with a load on it than without a load on it?

What does the area of the standard load measure as defined by OSHA and ANSI?

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