Management Safety Awareness Course for
Powered Industrial Trucks
(29 CFR 1910.178)

The Management Awareness Course is designed to give your non-trainer supervisors and lead persons the basic safety and awareness of powered industrial truck regulations and requirements. This session will inform your supervisors of the key behaviors of their forklift operators that are required by OSHA 1910.178 for all forklift operators. The session will also review, discuss and disseminate daily practices and initiatives to maintain the highest level of awareness and effective behaviors to keep your operators at peak performance and with the highest level of understanding.

Course Duration

  • 4-hour Classroom Instruction (now available via Video Conference)

Course Content

Declarative Knowledge

  • Causes of Forklift-related accidents
  • General Forklift Safety awareness
  • Relevant Forklift related OSHA regulations (CFR 1910.178)
  • Types, classes and subclasses of forklifts and pallet jacks
  • Forklift Stability Principles
  • Forklift Load Centers/Load Capacity Estimation (non-mandatory)
  • Proper use of forklift attachments
  • Specific forklift power source safety
  • Forklift and pallet jack pre-shift inspections procedures
  • Forklift Safe operating procedures
  • Forklift Safety-written test (multiple choice) review and administration

Behavior/Hands-On Operation

  • Conducting the forklift pre-shift inspection
  • Forklift Battery charging & maintenance/propane exchange (site specific)
  • Safe Forklift Maneuvering and control of equipment
  • Forklift racking and un-racking and load retrieval
  • Load center identification
  • Forklift safe load handling
  • Forklift operation and dock safety principles
  • Proper forklift parking/shut-down


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