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Train-the-Trainer Forklift

Create-Implement Forklift Training & Certification Program

This two day (16 hours) instructor course program is designed to give your company’s designated forklift trainer the information necessary to design and implement your own in-house forklift training and certification program.The comprehensive program covers all OSHA related forklift training requirements, liability, documentation, and responsibilities.

The forklift Train-the-Trainer program has been developed for individuals with experience and knowledge on the various types, models and capacities of the forklift equipment employed at their location. Upon successful completion of this course, your employees will return to their workplace qualified to train, evaluate and certify all other employees assigned to operate forklift at their place of business.

New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new approaches for delivering powerful training.

Train-the-Trainer Course Duration: 2-day (16 hours) 8am-5pm
  • Safety & responsibilities of a forklift trainer 
  • OSHA forklift regulations & ANSI/ASME forklift standards 
  • Minimum requirements of a Safety training program 
  • Qualities of an effective forklift safety trainer 
  • Pedestrian safety and forklift operation 
  • Stability factors of forklifts 
  • Load centers and load estimation with forklifts 
  • Forklift attachments usage and non-usage 
  • Pre-Shift nspections and forklift operator maintenance tasks 
  • Battery safety and battery-powered forklifts 
  • Propane Safety and propane-powered forklifts 
  • General and Site-Spec ific forklift safe operating procedures

Training Fees:
Fees are based on several factors and considerations of equipment type and facility situation. Please contact us for customized quote that fits your needs specifically (404) 692-3013

Extras :
In addition, attendees will receive complimentary PowerPoint forklift training program that will allow then to edit the presentation to your site-specific needs. Additional templates such as pre-shift inspection form, test and evaluation forms and other templates are also provided for your attendee. A free forklift instructor’s REFERENCE MANUAL is also included with the course.

On-Going Partners :
Your company representative that attends this course will be ready and able to start training for your company immediately. Our on­-going and post training course support will also enable your designated trainer to get on-going guidance on difficult and “gray area” issues and situations that may come up at your workplace from time to time.

Looking To Get Your Employees Certified?

Our safety training services were created and designed to meet and/or exceed all local state and Federal regulations related to employee safety training.