MASTER Train-The-Trainer Course

Master Course Training - Airlift - Forklift - Crane

Three Courses in One 3 – Day Session

Forklift Trainer Qualification – Aerial Work Platform Trainer Qualification – Overhead Crane Trainer Qualification

This course is the Master OSHA compliant session for in-house trainers that have the responsibility of training their employees for forklift certification, aerial work platform certification and overhead crane certification.

All three courses are combined in one session of 3 days to deliver the information and regulation review of how employees are to be trained for safe operation of this equipment.

New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new and unique approaches for delivering powerful forklift, aerial lift and overhead crane certification training.

Included: PowerPoint, test and answer sheet templates, support materials and white papers covering each topic, best practices recommendations and editable forms most commonly used to conduct training classes.  Upon successful completion, attendees will have the declarative knowledge, tools and training content necessary to immediately deliver training in all three courses. 

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When you work with us, getting your operators Certified and Qualified is effective and easy to do.

We use an instructional approach that makes the training and qualification process a job-useful and valued experience for your employees.