Diamond Training Services’ mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism and quality training services possible for our clients when it comes to the safe and correct operation of powered industrial equipment and material handling equipment.

In keeping with this mission, Diamond Training Services is offering their Master Trainer Course.

This course is the Master OSHA compliant session for in-house trainers who have the responsibility of training their employees for forklift certification, aerial work platform certification and overhead crane certification.

Many industries have needs for these particular certifications, and trainers who work intensive schedules with equipment involving forklifts, aerial work platforms, and overhead cranes are generally in significant need of easy, accessible courses that deliver all of the information they need in a practical, action-oriented way.

Each of these three courses are combined into one session consisting of four days of training to deliver the information and regulation review of how employees are to be trained for safe operation of these various forms of equipment.

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Forklift training is crucially important because forklifts can cause serious damage when hauls fall off the forklift tires or become punctured. This can cause multiple problems including the loss of inventory/product as well as potential biohazards such as the spilling of solvents, adverse chemicals and other dangerous materials, powders and fluids.

Forklift operation error and forklift accidents are never simple, never light, and always cost both time and money, and sometimes worse. Forklift accidents can sometimes result in injury and even death in the workplace.

About 30% of all workplace fatalities are the result of a falling or tipped forklift load. In 2015, 34% of workplace fatalities were operators of heavy machinery.

In terms of product damage, operator errors for forklift alone cause approximately 2 billion dollars in damages per year.

In general, forklift injuries are responsible for nearly 100 deaths and over 30,000 serious injury accidents each year. Put another way, aggregating all statistics for both serious and non-serious injuries, over 1 in 10 of all forklift users will be involved in some kind of accident this year.

This doesn’t even mention the risks involved with overhead cranes and aerial work platforms.

The three most common dangers involving overhead cranes include things like electrical issues, crane overloading, and heavy loads falling from overhead crane hoists.

In many situations, a crane operator who isn’t trained properly might encounter a power line or another electrical hazard. This leads to many deaths each year.

When overhead cranes are improperly operated, this can also lead to deaths from materials falling from the crane platforms or hoists. Imagine the guilt you might feel if one of your crane operators allowed a 2,000 lb. steel beam to fall on someone and killed them because safety precautions weren’t taken and the beam wasn’t properly secured.

This is why training with Diamond Training Services is crucial.

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New trainers will gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new and unique approaches for delivering powerful forklift, aerial lift and overhead crane certification training.

Included in the training will be PowerPoint, test and answer sheet templates, support materials and white papers covering each topic, best practices recommendations and editable forms most commonly used to conduct training classes.  Upon successful completion, attendees will have the declarative knowledge, tools and training content necessary to immediately deliver training in all three courses.

When you work with Diamond Training Services, getting your operators Certified and Qualified is effective and easy to do. Diamond Training Services use an instructional approach that makes the training and qualification process a job-useful and valued experience for your employees.