Diamond Training Services is a service that is called into companies that have had safety issues with their large equipment, including power industrial trucks and forklifts, overhead cranes, skippers, or those who need to brush up on their OSHA training courses. Our company also trains your trainers on how to correctly train their fellow employees. We do not train individuals; we only train as part of a company. “Our mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism and quality training services possible for our clients when it comes to the safe and correct operation of powered industrial equipment and material handling equipment.” One of the training courses that we are pleased to offer is our master training course. Here is more information about this course.

Why Is Industrial Truck Safety Training So Important?

Industrial safety training is important for a number of reasons. First off, as an employer, you want to do all you can to ensure your employees are safe on the job. Emphasizing and committing to workplace safety can help to minimize workplace accidents and promote a healthy and safe work environment. This can help to avoid high workers’ compensation rates and help prevent workplace slowdowns due to injured employees. Secondly, proper training is important as it helps you to avoid O.S.H.A. fines or even having your workplace shut down for non-OSHA safety compliance issues. As an employer, you are the one responsible for fines or shut-downs, so ensuring your employees are properly trained is your responsibility.

What Is the Master Trainer Course?

The Master Trainer Course is a three-day training course that involves teaching three OSHA-compliant safety courses. This type of course is specifically designed for those in your organization that work as trainers. Your trainers learn how to be master trainers utilizing different types of equipment. They can then take their knowledge back to your organization and teach, or train, your employees everything they need to know to operate equipment safely, efficiently or effectively. This type of program should be utilized by those companies who are struggling with employee safety, those companies who are looking to ensure compliance among all trainers, or those companies who may have hired new trainers recently.

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What Can You Learn During This Three-Day Course?

The three-day training course is designed to teach corporate trainers on how to be OSHA-compliant when it comes to forklifts, aerial work and overhead cranes. Diamond Training Services ensures that this three-day program helps to train trainers in OSHA compliant forklift certification, aerial work platform certification and overhead crane certification programs. The trainers are then certified and can take this knowledge back to your company, where they can then train each employee to be OSHA compliant around these three types of heavy equipment.

Forklift Training

Forklift training includes four hours of classroom instruction, four-hour driving instruction and 30 minutes of driving evaluation. The course is designed to cover all OSHA forklift training requirements and allows new drivers to undergo final forklift certification evaluation.

Aerial Work Platform Training

Aerial work platform operator safety training consists of a three-hour classroom course and 30 minutes per person in field training. The program is designed for operators of scissor lifts, straight booms, knuckle booms and all other types of man-lift equipment. You will learn not only safe use and operational tricks, but OSHA regulations, ANSI/ASME standards and inspection requirements.

Overheard Crane Training

The overhead crane certification training courses consists of four-hours of classroom instruction and testing, 30 minutes of practical crane safety evaluation, and four hours of practice and demonstration of final ability. During the course, both new and experienced operators will obtain formal training in safe crane practices and operating procedures. The course meets the basics of OSHA’s general duty clause as well as OSHA CRF1910.179 company requirements.

Why Do Business With Diamond Training Services?

While there are many companies that offer industrial safety training, there are many benefits to utilizing the training services offered by us here at Diamond Training Services. First off, all of our training programs are OSHA compliant, so you know your trainers are being trained correctly. Second off, we offer the training services our customers expect from us. The master training program is a good example of this. We make it fast and easy for trainers to ensure they are compliant when it comes to OSHA regulations for three different types of industrial equipment. This benefits your company, and helps to keep employees safe. Lastly, we utilize a tested training method to ensure your employees retain what we teach them.

At Diamond Training Services, our mission is to “provide the highest level of professionalism and quality training services possible for our clients when it comes to the safe and correct operation of powered industrial equipment and material handling equipment.” Industrial safety training is important, and every employer needs to take it seriously. Ensuring your employees or trainers have access to the best safety courses helps to ensure you are doing everything you possibly can to keep your employees safe and ensure they are using equipment correctly. Reach out to us or visit our website today to learn more about upcoming Master Training Courses and enroll your employees in an upcoming course.

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