Outside Forklift Trainer When it comes to getting your employees trained and certified on your powered industrial equipment, should you have a senior employee or supervisor be your trainer or should you hire a training/consulting firm? Here are a few points to consider in the in-house vs. outside trainer decision:

Cost – outside trainers are demonstrably less expensive compared to the organizational risk, salary differential, overtime and cost of retraining a new trainer if the current one leaves the company. Dollar for dollar, hiring an outside consultant/trainer has little downside risk for the company since there is no loss of expertise when the trainer leaves the organization.

Professional trainer rates and fees can be fixed on an annual basis and based precisely on specific needs.  You get exactly what you need and nothing less with the right consultant/trainer.

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Consistent Quality – consultant trainers maintain the same quality and consistency of training in both their course content and the delivery of that content. They have more objectivity and are free from internal social or political biases so often affecting a company’s internal training results.  Consultant trainers are doing their craft daily and not every three years as your designated “in-house trainers” try to do.  Good training firms can apply the latest training content and course design that is proven to go beyond the immediate compliance benefits and add the additional benefits of decreasing product damage, facility damage and personnel damage.


Follow up and Update– changes don’t often occur in OSHA safety regulations but the application and interpretation of the regulations change all the time.  Professional consultants and trainers can update the company and keep them compliant and informed of new developments and interpretations by OSHA that may affect the company.  Good training firms typically have the personnel tenure and experience in the training industry to offer their customers additional and on-going counseling and advice regardless of the specific topic.

Flexibility and “LEGS”– training firms can conduct training in most venues and locales regardless of distance or accommodations.  They are focused on getting the training done correctly and not on the “sacrifice” they are making for the company in terms of their other duties.  Much like the 82nd airborne deploys in wartime, trainers carry literally suitcases of training equipment and literature collateral that allows them to conduct a session in almost any situation, geographic location or audience. Most training tools and support materials are now produced in multiple languages and many trainers speak at least one other language, as well.

Credibility/Authorization – professional safety trainers bring a resume of experience in training competitors, similar industry companies, leading industry companies and companies of all sizes.  The client gets the direct benefit of these diverse and experienced trainers and the experience and know-how is very had to find in-house for the average company.  Consultant trainers are often former supervisors, managers and safety professionals that have done the job themselves successfully and have the skills and training to deliver training for others. The difference for them now is that they train every day without the other duties.  OSHA Authorizes trainers in an outreach program for companies who want their training conducted by trainers with the necessary credentials to keep them in full and complete compliance.

Of course, there are situations where having an in-house trainer makes perfect sense over calling in an outside trainer.  High turnover of employee/operators, rapidly growing and expanding organization and specialized skills requirements lead to keeping safety training an in-house matter.  That is where our Train-The-Trainer programs really benefit the organizations and attendees that participate regularly. Find out more about our OSHA compliant training services for both equipment operators and trainers.  We would love to work with you and help you achieve all your organizational safety goals!

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